So.... this blog isn't really about bacon or bird eggs. But I do LOVE bacon (who doesn't?) and I do love bird eggs, mostly because they hatch the cutest creatures on earth -not for eating!

I'm starting this blog so that I can keep a journal of my island adventures. Last year I spent 5 months on Southeast Farallon Island working with seabirds and neglected to keep any sort of blog or journal... and I have suffered from internal guilt ever since. Maybe I'll do a Farallon Special Feature sometime between islands? Until then you will be hearing of my Tern Island tales. Tern is a tiny 30-something acre island in the middle of the Pacific in the French Frigate Shoals, which is part of the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument about 500ish miles northwest of O'ahu. Here's a link to a picture I didn't take (Tern is the rectangle):

10 April 2010

I've Got the Blues

No, I'm not about to sing a Rolling Stones song... but I am going to tell you about our latest Boat Day! In which the mighty tiny islands of Shark, East, Gin, and Little Gin were visited by six large trompling (that's my own variation of the word trampling) humanoids.
What's this got to do with the blues? Boat Day is the best day to see every shade of blue you thought existed and then more blues that you never knew could exist. The blues are so magnificently abundant that they can even be found reflecting off the clouds or the white bellies of soaring seabirds. The only thing that doesn't seem to have a hint of blue is my skin... which is currently comparable to the color of the frigatebird throats in my last post.

the not-so-safe safeboat

One of my favorite parts of visiting these island is getting to feel like a pirate. Jumping into the water, anchor in hand, simming/running/stumbling to sandy shores ready to pillage and plunder! And by pillage and plunder, I mean count critters in our bikinis and pick up trash. Cleaning service anyone?

one, two, three hundred....


Okay, so picking up marine debris isn't the most fun, but it's worth it to spend some time on the water and on some beautiful patches of sand. And of course seeing some whales on the way and jumping into the water to snorkel off pristine coral reefs with some manta rays isn't bad either. Until the assistant managers yells out, "Time to swim back to the boats NOW!" Hello shark.
Because I always seem to forget to charge my underwater camera on boat days, here's a photo of some spotted eagle rays I took from Tern's shore. And if you're wondering... yes they are.

And some more photos from East Island just for fun!

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